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Dresses aren’t my thing. Can you help me pick a style?

Yes I will help you find your dream wedding dress even if you don’t know what that is yet! Whether it’s a long sleeve wedding dress or a Disney princess wedding dress we will work through styles, fabrics and cuts together to find the one for you. There’s no shortcut to finding the perfect wedding dress you just have to start trying them on.

Can I come to an appointment on my own?

Yes indeed you can. A lot of brides these days are opting to go wedding dress shopping on their own. With a lot of people in a bridal appointment it can add to the stress of the day and the brides voice can often get drowned out. So yes come by yourself if you wish and we can work together in a non stressed environment to find your perfect outfit.

Can you make a black wedding dress or a blue wedding dress or a different coloured wedding dress?

YES!! You’re talkin’ my language. We can make in any colour. The type of fabric will determine the colour availability but in essence every colour is an option. There are tonnes of options for alternatives to a wedding dress and we love to make a non traditional wedding dress.

Can one of your dresses be customized?

Yes all dresses that I produce can be a fully customized wedding dress to suit your needs. If you wish to add a lace sleeve, change the neckline, colour or any other aspect we can make it happen and make your one of a kind wedding dress that is unique to you. Bespoke wedding dresses will come with an additional charge however the charge is kept to a minimum.

What kind of budget should I allow?

My ethos is to offer a range of affordable wedding dresses in Ireland. This is not to be confused with a cheap wedding dress! I work hard to ensure all my prices are kept to an affordable level while using the highest grade fabric.  Approx 800euro is the current average price. Please keep in mind that I work very hard to keep these cost affordable for every bride.

What size should I order?

I prefer to operate on your body measurements and so during an appt I will take your measurements. If you cannot get to me we can do a video call where I can talk you through taking your own measurements. Each dress is made slightly bigger than the measurements provided to err on the side of caution. So when you receive your item it will not fit and alterations will be required.

What if I drop a dress size after I order my wedding dress?

This is very common and can be rectified during the alterations process. On occasion dresses have been taken in 3 or more dress sizes. Once you have the right seamstress nothing is an issue. I can recommend a number of wedding dress alterations companies to ensure that your dress fits like a glove on your big day.

Will I need to alter my wedding dress?

Yes you will need some level of alterations. Depending on the style of dress will determine the alterations that are needed. It is important to know that alterations are a fundamental part of your wedding dress journey. Please make sure you plan for this in both your timeframe and your budget.

I’m not in Ireland can you still help me?

Yes! We can arrange video calls to work through your needs and wants as a bride and identify the perfect wedding dress for you. We can then ship to anywhere in the world.

Can I design my own wedding dress?

Yes! Absolutely! I will give you guidance on whats possible from a functionality point of view but yes you can absolutely design your own! I have a one to one design consultation appointment service available to book here

How soon should I order my dress?

Please allow 7 full months before your wedding. 6 months to manufacture the dress and 1 month for alterations. If youre wedding is sooner than that please let me know and we can complete a rush order – this will come with an additional cost as you will be essentially skipping the queue to have your dress manufactured promptly. Please also note global markets, pandemic and time of year will have an impact on the time frame. More time is always the best option.

What if I change my mind when I get the dress?

It is a rare event but the dress can be returned under strict guidelines.
The dress must be returned in original packaging with no evidence of wearing, smells, tan, makeup or marks of any kind or alterations. The dress must be returned within 28 days of receiving it. 50% restocking charge is applied to each return without exception.



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