Picking that colour..

It seems like it should be easy. Right?! But like everything wedding there are 1000s of options and each option is beautiful in its own right. I get this a lot during appointments.. is that not more of a summer colour? Or I can’t really pick that because we are getting married in Autumn and that’s a winter colour.. 

Here’s what I think.. A long long time ago someone must have decided on a set of wedding rules and everyone just followed them. Blindly. Thankfully more and more brides are seeing the light and not getting sucked into what you should or shouldn’t be doing. I say it constantly. It’s your wedding and it’s your way. That’s it. Keep that mantra and you’re laughing all the way to I do!

There are no rules, there’s no wedding police that are gonna rock up on the day and issue you a fine for going against these invisible rules. The truth is with regard to colour the time of year is irrelevant. After your big day is over what you will be left with is your partner obvs, which may or may not be a good thing and if you’re in the midst of wedding planning it’s definitely not appealing, the amazing memories etched into your soul and your pictures. The pictures which will take pride of place on the mammys mantlepiece and indeed on the walls of your own home. So, when you look at this beautiful wedding pic all you will see is you and your partner and your wedding party. So, create a picture that you love to look at. If pastel pink rocks your world but your wedding is in December. WHO CARES?! The date of your wedding is irrelevant to that beautiful picture that you love to look at. So, ignore ‘summer’ ‘winter’ or whatever another season colours are apparently reserved for and go with what you love. 

You’ve nailed it. Rule book flung out the door and you’re down to 2 colours. Damn it!!!

This happens a lot so don’t freak out. Making that final decision can be built up to something enormous and cause you all kinds of grief. Here’s my top tips that can help sway you one way or another.

  1. Visit the venue again or with all this covid stuff look at it online. Look at where the wedding pictures are taken both indoors and outdoors. Look at the flowers in bloom, the colour of the carpets, walls etc. If you’re deciding between red and green and you see the entire inside of the venue is red carpet, red walls.. you don’t want your girls to fade into the background so green would be the best selection. Get me?
  2. Next thing is search the hashtags, fb checkins for that venue and see previous weddings there. Try and find a wedding party with your colours and see how it sits in the venue. Does it clash, is it too bold and do you generally like the look of the colour in the venue setting?

3    I know ‘traditionally’ that damn word again!! Traditionally the bridesmaid colour was kept TOP SECRET. I think this is not the best approach. In my opinion this should be the worst kept secret of your big day. Tell that friend, aunt, sister that can’t hold her water and let it slip. I know I know you’re reading this going huh?! There’s a reason.. You want your girls to stand out on the day. Right? Of course.

An increasingly popular trend is wedding guests wearing long maxi dresses to weddings. Becoming bigger every year! 9 times out of 10 any woman that turns up to a wedding and is dressed in the same colour as the bridesmaids feels uncomfortable and *wishes* she wore a different colour. Female guests do not want to turn up in the same colour as your girls, never mind the same colour in a long dress!

      So, if you’re colour is the worst kept secret and your guests know that your girls are in navy you can be damn sure they won’t pick that colour to wear. Also, becoming popular is wearing white/ivory to a wedding. I’ll talk about that again! 



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